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A heavy heart

"Heavy is the heart of those who carry their burdens. Weighed down by unshed tears and unhealed hearts. How long must you carry this load? How long will you choose struggle over peace? There is an easier way. A better way, free of the burdens and extra load. Forgive yourself!

Forgive yourself for not knowing or understanding. Forgive yourself for trying too hard, holding on too long and being afraid. Forgive yourself for harsh words spoken, care not taken, judgement dispensed too quickly and the sting of anger and resentment.

Forgive yourself for setting the benchmark too high and struggling to reach it. Forgive yourself for the should-have's, could-have's, did do, didn't do and know beyond all doubt that you have a good heart and have always tried your best.

The mountain is harder to climb when your backpack is full. Empty it now, empty it here, let go, shake it is done!"

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