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Balance tip #3 - Mind Power

One of the best ways for maintaining balance is to pay attention to our thoughts.

If we're thinking too far into the future and getting caught up in what’s coming up, where we’re going, our growing to-do list or lamenting on the past and what’s behind us, you can bet we’ll be out of balance in no time. Sure, we have to think of these things, but the trick is not to dwell and linger on it.

Whenever I notice myself becoming imbalanced, I immediately check my thoughts. What have I been thinking about or focusing on?

There’s a very good reason why the wise masters talk about the importance of being in the present moment. It’s because it truly is where the magic happens! When we are grounded and present in the 'now' moment we are balanced - our thoughts and focus are here, not ahead and not behind.

Balance can be restored and maintained far easier when we pay attention to our thoughts, and use the power of our mind to create it.

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