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Fat, Ugly, Depressed?

Updated: Mar 1, 2019

At some point in our lives we’ve probably all felt like this or at least had these thoughts. But, how do we shift this mind-set and move through it?

You’ve no doubt seen those inspirational shows about someone losing heaps of weight, overcoming addictions or escaping an unhealthy relationship and turning their life around right? But, what about you?

If you are still in the early stage of your transformation, or are still yet to even start, you need to realize that rarely do you just wake up one day with all the inspiration, energy and focus you need to change your life overnight (although that does happen). More often than not we have to plan, prepare and condition ourselves to make change.

If we want to lose weight and get fit, we all know it comes down to diet and exercise. But, it is also just as important to condition our mind to handle the process. Reading inspirational books, watching inspirational shows, creating a vision board, journalling, un-following certain people or pages on Facebook and choosing to follow motivational speakers and posts.

In my early twenties I made a conscious decision to stop buying and reading popular women’s magazines that I’d been reading right through my impressionable teenage years. I didn’t like the way these magazines made me feel about myself and rarely did they get me thinking about ‘deeper’ concepts. To this day I have not bought a copy of a women’s magazine and its one of the best things I did. Instead I choose to buy magazines and books that encourage personal development, self-empowerment and broaden my mind and view of the world.

What we read, watch on television, the music we listen to, who we spend time with, the quality of our self talk & actions is our 'spiritual diet' and has a massive effect and direct impact on how we feel and act. Concentrating on improving this in the first instance (before we even start our journey to lose weight, overcome addictions etc) goes a long way to helping us adequately prepare ourselves and navigate making the big changes in our life. No matter how far behind the eight-ball you feel, it is never too late to start! You are never too old, too overweight or too demotivated to make the choice to make a change. One single decision followed by one small action step after another is all it takes to change your life for the better!

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