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Full Moon Survival Guide

Updated: May 18, 2019

It’s no secret the Moon has a powerful effect on us. The phases of the Moon typically affects the ocean tides, fluids of the body, including moods and emotions. During the lead up to the full Moon (the waxing phase), the day of, and day after (the waning phase) energies are heightened and are particularly strong. Here are some of my top tips for surviving the full moon:

  1. Have a shower, bath or swim in the ocean. Visualise / imagine the water purging old emotions from your body and cleansing your energy field, leaving you fresh and clear.

  2. Write your thoughts and feelings in a journal to clear your mind and heart. This is such a therapeutic way of preventing a build-up of emotions and non-productive thoughts.

  3. Rest and spend time alone to reflect, ponder, process and gather your thoughts and feelings.

  4. Put on your favourite songs or some chilled-out background music to calm you.

  5. Get plenty of rest and sleep if you need it. The full moon can make you tired, unsettled or alert and unable to sleep. If you struggle to sleep, at least rest when you can to recharge your batteries.

  6. Honor your feelings and emotions. Your moods can fluctuate more noticeably at this time so avoid triggers (people, places or situations) and don’t overdo things.

  7. Listen to your intuition. Your inner knowing is especially strong under the full moon so take notice of the messages you are receiving and act upon them. Don’t overlook or discount them.

  8. Self-nurture in any way that you can. Healing energy is especially powerful at the time of the full moon, so use it to your advantage.

  9. Connect with your crystals! Rainbow & black moonstone and selenite are particularly useful. Please trust your intuition as it will always lead you to the perfect crystal at any given time.

  10. Spend time in nature to ground, balance and energise yourself. Nature is the best ‘cure-all’ for restless and unsettled energies.

  11. Get creative! Channel your energies into painting, drawing, colouring, decorating your space and just about anything that allows you to switch off and be in the moment.

  12. Create sacred space to meditate and be mindful. Consciously connect with your Spirit Guides & Angels and ask for help, guidance, clarity and healing.

  13. Drink plenty of water and stay hydrated.

  14. Get active! There’s nothing better than going for a walk, doing some yoga or gentle exercise to feel grounded and ‘in your body’. After all they say ‘you’re only one gym session away from a good mood!’

  15. Eat healthy food and drinks. We may be more tempted to binge eat and drink at this time, so do your best to eat foods that make your body feel good. Don’t overdo the alcohol either, as you’ll find the full moon’s energies can amplify its effects.

  16. Sit out under the full Moon and simply feel her energy. Notice the subtle differences between each full Moon and mentally (or out loud if you prefer) surrender your worries inviting the Moon to cleanse and clear your energy. I also take the opportunity to consciously ask for what I want or need for my highest good.

Want to know how to work with the Moon phases more consciously in your own life?  Follow me on Facebook for New & Full Moon posts to help you navigate the current energies. Or take it a step further, and book a private astrology consultation with me to better understand yourself and your potential (in-person, telephone or Skype options available).

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