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Home Truths

How do you react when you hear a home truth? You know that unpleasant fact about yourself that another person tells you?

Do you hide in denial and refuse to accept the truth? Or do you take it on board and gracefully accept the wisdom and sentiment behind it?

Our greatest teachers in life are our family members and our personal relationships. For the most part they are the ones who love us unconditionally and tell us how it really is. Often when we hear a home truth our first reaction may be to reject it or deny it completely. Yet if we are willing to sit with that truth for a little longer without judgement, we may just find the gold nugget within it.

If we are too quick to reject something it may in fact be a truth we need to hear and a piece of our puzzle we've been searching for. No-one likes to admit they are wrong or that they are not good at something. Yet, when we are willing to drop our guard even for just a moment, our awareness of ourselves and our path grows exponentially.

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