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Updated: Mar 1, 2019

After moving from semi-rural Australia to Sydney — one of Australia’s busiest cities — I successfully built a career within the Insurance & Recruitment sectors. I had a good job, freedom, was earning a great salary, had an active social life, great friends and stability. Yet every day I would catch the train to work and made my way to the office amidst a sea of people and I felt empty, different and unfulfilled. I had things in my life that everyone wanted but deep down I was lonely and craved something more.

One day as I was walking home I noticed a new-age store and as I walked in I immediately felt peaceful, uplifted and alive. I spent over an hour looking through books, touching the beautiful stones and feeling inspired by the conversations I heard.

I began reading self-help books on spiritual topics, learned about energy and lots of different techniques, and something clicked within me. There began my journey of self-discovery! I started noticing more about life, my eyes were opened and life became a more interesting mystery to explore. I began taking responsibility for myself and my actions, became more selective about who I spent time with and became more mindful in general.

Soon after that my friendships changed — old friends were leaving and new people with depth, positivity and encouragement began to enter. Almost 17 years later I am now fully immersed in the new-age / spiritual industry and loving it. I’ve found where I truly belong and where I’m meant to be.

No matter where you are today — in a job, location or a relationship that doesn’t satisfy you — there is always an opportunity to change. Following your heart will sometimes be the scariest thing you do. It won’t make sense to others, but that’s okay, so long as it makes sense to you.

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