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New Moon Manifestation Guide

Updated: Mar 1, 2019

New Moons are times of NEW BEGINNINGS and SETTING INTENTIONS. A new cycle begins, bringing focus and awareness on our positive intentions. New Moons are optimal times for planting new seeds and taking conscious action on our goals and plans. We have a New Moon each month when the Sun & Moon are at the same degree and are in the same sign. Here are some simple tips to help you make the most of the New Moon:

  1. Decide on a goal that you can reach within the month (from New Moon to New Moon — approx. 30 days)

  2. Notice which sign the Moon is in and how it can help you reach your goal. For example: when the Moon is in the sign of Aries we may feel more energised and are able to take ‘action’ on our goals. When the Moon is in the sign of Virgo we are better able to analyse and fine tune our goals and plans.

  3. Programme a piece of clear quartz crystal with your intentions. Ensure your intentions are clear, concise and positive. Each time you work on your goals, hold this crystal or place it near you to remind you of your intentions and keep you focused.

  4. Create a ‘vision board’ by placing images of what you desire on a large sheet of paper and keep it where you will see it often.

  5. Repeat positive affirmations regularly.

  6. Create a crystal grid and programme it with your intentions. It will help you to focus and anchor energy to support your goals.

  7. Be positive and set intentions that inspire you to achieve your goals. Have a larger plan but use the New Moon to set smaller and more reachable targets and action steps.

  8. The most effective way to manifest your goal is to first get clear on what you want (thought). Then to visualise yourself experiencing what you desire — take a moment to see yourself in that moment and really (feel) what you want. When a thought and feeling unite in harmony, you are more easily able to achieve your goals.

  9. Listen to your intuition and honour your feelings and emotions. Often, we are given subtle prompts from our Guides (and inner knowing) about the action steps we need to take. For instance, if you want to get fit or lose weight, you may find you have repetitive thoughts and feelings that urge you to sleep more, exercise more frequently, eat healthy food etc. It’s important to take action on these prompts if you want to see results.

  10. Be realistic! Some goals can’t be achieved in 30 days and may take several months or even years to be achieved. Stay focused and work in harmony with the Moon phases so you’ll know when to tweak your plans or to rework them entirely. Want to know how to work with the Moon phases more consciously in your own life?  Follow me on Facebook for New & Full Moon posts to help you navigate the current energies. Or take it a step further, and book a private astrology consultation with me to better understand yourself and your potential (in-person, telephone or Skype options available).

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