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Overwhelm is a very real condition that many of us experience. We work in high-pressured jobs, juggle the demands of our family, nurture our relationships, pay bills, plan for our future, are constantly in motion, attend to countless demands on our time and so much more.

It’s no wonder then that we can become unbalanced and overwhelmed in no time. This often leads us to a point where we feel burned out, emotionally drained, physically tired and spiritually starved. This is when we need to accept that we’ve allowed ourselves to become unbalanced and out of alignment. It is here that we need to stop, breathe and regain our strength.

If I find myself at this point I know I’ve gone too far, I haven’t maintained my boundaries and I haven’t stayed true to myself and my needs. This is when I immediately turn off my computer & technology, I simplify everything, I play with my kids, spend time in nature, I meditate, rest, practice Yoga and I journal so I can get clarity. I commit to doing this even when I convince myself that I don't have time.

We all have the power to get back on track. Overwhelm is a sign of mental and emotional energy left unchecked and unbalanced. When you are overwhelmed and you don’t know what to do next…the simple answer is simplify! Take a step back, breathe, nurture yourself and re-balance.

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