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Balance tip #1 - Creating sacred space

Updated: Jul 5, 2019

Creating sacred space is one of my favorite processes!

Everything we do can be made that little more special and sacred when we set the intention and bring our full attention to it. Whether its creating space for my clients to relax and heal, creating my crystal grids, preparing for meditation & journaling, sending distant healing, manifesting new projects or letting something go, I create space for it. It allows me to connect with the experience rather than simply passing it by. I have one little spot in my healing room that I dedicate to myself. It’s a small little table that I’ve created an altar on and its where I go to relax, unwind, tune in, write, create and reflect. If I’m having a tough day, need time out or just want to connect to my spirit I sit here and I always feel better for it.

Creating sacred space allows us to bring our full attention to the present moment, to strengthen our connection to Spirit and indeed ourselves.

You don’t need a large space, just a quiet little nook or corner of your room, or even a little bedside table or shelf if that’s all you have. It’s simply a space that’s dedicated to the rejuvenation of your energies and the nurturing of your spirit. Whenever you spend time in this space the energy builds over time, and you’ll soon find that you automatically feel better, calmer, more connected whenever you return to it.

Here are some of my suggestions of ways you can create sacred space for yourself:

  • First, cleanse the area with sage, essential oils, incense, Reiki or other energy clearing techniques you resonate with.

  • Set the intention that this is your sacred space, and that only the highest vibration of love, light and peace may enter.

  • If you feel called to, you can visualize yourself surrounded by a boundary of light that protects you.

  • Call in the energies of your Spirit Guides, Angels, Ancestors, Ascended Masters to be with you and fully support you.

  • Place fresh flowers or a beautiful plant in your space to bring the energies of nature, fertility and purity.

  • Anchor your space with clear quartz or selenite crystals. Or position any of your favourite crystals here - crystals are perfect for raising the vibration in any area they are placed.

  • Place images of angels, spiritual beings, important deities, sacred geometry or loved ones here.

  • Bring in the energies of the elements into your space by placing an object from the Earth (leaves/seeds), Air (feathers), Water (seashells, bowl of water), Fire (candles), Spirit (crystal).

  • Place a ‘vision board’ or an inspiring image here that you can focus on.

  • Play peaceful and serene music.

  • Place a beautiful bowl there to make offerings to yourself or Spirit.

  • Include soft fabrics, textures, beautiful colors, cushions etc that make you feel comfortable and nurtured.

When it comes to preparing and designing your sacred space, its important to allow your intuition to guide you. There is no right or wrong way to do it, so long as it brings you a sense of peace and connection. It’s your space after all…your little slice of Heaven, so choose to decorate it with objects that have personal meaning for you.

I personally don’t like to overcrowd my altar – I like it to be clear, balanced and high-vibe, simply because its how I want to feel. The main thing about creating your sacred space is to spend time there regularly as this is where you can relax, re-balance, heal, refocus and receive.

Creating sacred space is a truly special way of nurturing yourself, honoring your spirit and bringing Heaven to Earth.

Enjoy! x Amanda offers a wide range of hand-selected crystals that are perfect to raise the vibration of your sacred space. Click here to view the current range or contact Amanda for more information,

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