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Self Care Tip #1 - Exercise

Anyone who knows me knows that exercise is NOT and has NEVER been my thing….well up until now that is. During the New Moon solar eclipse last year I made a commitment to myself to not only get fit, but to overhaul my lifestyle. Well its March and I’ve stuck at it (gotta love that eclipse energy to help amp up your goals)!

One of the promises I made to myself was to never miss a Monday’s gym session. Monday is always the hardest day to get going, but after a session I've ticked off one of the hardest things and feel productive, ready to face the week. Of course I have to literally drag myself there sometimes, but I get there.

Exercise has definitely been beneficial for my body, but for me its more about discipline and organisation (always a challenge for this Aquarian free spirit). Regular exercise has helped improve my body image, my mental focus & outlook and helps me make better choices for myself.

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