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Self Care Tip #2 - Journalling

One of my favourite ‘ME’ rituals is writing in my journal. Journalling helps me immensely, and is a brilliant way to slow down. It helps download my busy mind thoughts onto paper where I can see them for what they are. Journalling is a great way to process my thoughts, challenge my perceptions, acknowledge my feelings and call out my own B.S. Life isn't happening TO us, it’s happening FOR us, so this is one of my ways of staying accountable and in the flow.

I’ve always loved writing, but I’ve had to work at being disciplined and doing it consistently. My garden is my little slice of Heaven and I often sip my coffee here as I write. Sometimes the words flow and I’ll literally fill page after page without coming up for air, other times I draw / colour, or I’ll write messages of guidance for myself and others. There’s also those times where I vent and just let it all out (I always have a giggle re-reading my tantrums Lol). I often have an oracle deck with me as it helps to be more self-reflective and objective when I need it. Journalling offers a little piece of daily sanity that helps me in so many ways.

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