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Self Care Tip #4 - Nature is my temple

Like many of you I work inside and these days technology is almost unavoidable. After a while it starts to rattle me so I make sure I schedule regular times to turn off all tech and go outside. Whether I sit in my garden, go to the park or take a walk with my sons, I’m outside listening, noticing and just feeling the connection to all that is.

I absolutely love doing this in the lead up to the full moon, it helps to really feel and sense the different energies each full moon offers. I turn my awareness to the weather, the colours, textures, animals and scents all around me. Everything becomes a teacher for me and there are subtle messages and answers everywhere.

Sometimes I meditate, other times I just sit still and bring my awareness to the moment. I’m also a little bower-bird in nature, always collecting items such as seeds, leaves, feathers and flowers. Nature is my temple and helps me to stay grounded, present and aligned.

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