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Self Care Tip #6 - Yoga

Okay this doubles as exercise but to me its so much more than that….its my sanity time and doubles as an active meditation too!

I started doing Yoga mid-last year and it’s been a game-changer for me. This amazing restorative practice is heaven for the mind, body and spirit. I practice Yin Yoga and Vinyassa Flow twice a week plus an active version of Yoga, Pilates & TaiChi all rolled into one.

I’ve also taught my husband and he now practices Yoga at home daily with much success. My two sons think it’s a hoot and have fun trying some of mum's more ‘bendy’ poses. We’ve even been known to have a competition or two to see who can bend and flex the furthest or hold their poses the longest. It makes it more fun and the whole family can get involved.

Yoga is a truly beautiful way to slow down, find balance and give to ourselves.

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