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The power of a little black dress

Updated: Mar 1, 2019

Today I released a skeleton from my closet in the shape of a little black dress.

Years ago my boyfriend at the time bought me this dress, and it was the very first time someone had bought something like that for me. I remember it cost a small fortune, but it fit perfectly and looked amazing. I was taken out to the fanciest restaurant in town by chauffeur-driven limousine, ate quail, drank expensive champagne and danced all night — it was a magical evening that didn’t seem to end. I treasured that dress and was lucky enough to wear it several more times, always receiving compliments when I did.

That relationship ended a long time ago, but I’ve always kept this dress. It’s stayed in the back of my closet like some well-hidden secret. Today, 22 years later while cleaning out my closet I found the dress again. Without a second thought I knew it was time for this skeleton to be unshackled and released from my life for good. I’d held onto it for so long, but I realised it’s the memories — that sense of fun, freedom and almost fairy-tale like energy — I was holding on to. I miss those times. Life was simple, uncomplicated, spontaneous and fun. Tears fall as I write this, not tears of sadness but tears of realisation. Coming to terms with how much my life has changed, how I have changed and how life just goes on.  Today as I surrender this little black dress, I sit with the knowing that within me is the power to create my life in anyway I choose. Sure, life is more complicated, busy, demanding and full of more responsibilities than ever before, but I have the power and freedom to design the life I truly want to live. I’m not a victim of circumstance, I’m an empowered and liberated woman with the world in her hands. I never realised how much influence this little black dress had on me until now. Today I surrender it willingly with good grace and trust it will bring someone else the same happiness it brought me.

Today I start again — wiser, stronger, more aware and determined than ever before. The difference this time is that I’ll buy my own dress. One that is perfect for me now and represents my energies and the journey I’m taking in my own right.

Endings are just as important as beginnings, and one needs to happen before the next can occur. Is there a little black dress in your closet that needs to be released?

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