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There's always an Angel by your side

Updated: Mar 1, 2019

It takes no special abilities, psychic powers or rituals to connect with Angels. They are always there, and love to help and support us. All it takes is a quiet mind, an open heart, a willingness to connect and you are on your way. It is never complicated, it is simply love that opens the door.

For the most part, Angels speak to us in feelings, symbols, signs (such as feathers, butterflies & coins) sparks of light, scents and synchronicities. Their connection is always loving, comforting, pure and peaceful.

Certain crystals can help to strengthen the connection to your Angels and some of the most common ones are:

SERAPHINITE ~ this silvery green crystal is a wonderful aid to connect with this angelic realm and nature spirits. It has impressive healing qualities that support your general health and well-being. It resonates with the heart chakra and connects strongly to the energies of Archangel Raphael.

ANGELITE ~ this lovely blue crystal has a soft and soothing energy that aids contact with Angels and Spirit Guides. It resonates with the throat chakra enhancing communication and development of psychic abilities.

CELESTITE ~ my personal favourite! Celestite is a light blue stone which has a strong connection to Angels, Heaven and Divinity. It has a gentle, uplifting energy which can expand one’s awareness of the higher realms. It stimulates the third eye and crown chakras, yet is energetically calming.

ELESTIAL QUARTZ ~ this unusual looking, yet magical crystal easily attunes to the angelic realm. They have a high vibration which helps to link us to multiple dimensions and times. They are important crystals for Lightworkers as they constantly receive spiritual vibrations that not only regulates the environment they are in, but also enhances spiritual growth.

AMPHIBOLE QUARTZ ~ this often-dramatic looking crystal is filled with other types of Quartz crystals. It has a powerful yet sweet vibration which resonates with the higher mind centres. It stimulates clairaudience, enabling you to more easily receive messages from spirit.

SELENITE ~ a must-have for everyone! This lovely and inexpensive stone comes in many different formations and is ideal for connecting with the higher self. It cleanses & clears the aura, removes negativity and has protective qualities.

DANBURITE ~ this fascinating crystal comes in clear and pink varieties and helps one to find inner peace. It clears and opens the crown chakras, and integrates them with the heart and higher chakras. It supports channelling and communication with spiritual beings.

PETALITE ~ this pretty stone supports feelings of tranquility and bliss. It enhances all psychic abilities and attunes one to their highest path. It is a wonderful aid for stress relief and opening the inner eye to higher dimensions.

ANGEL AURA QUARTZ ~ this lovely, shimmery crystals is the stone of peace, serenity and upliftment. It is clear Quartz which has been permanently bonded with Platinum or other trace metals. It has a purifying and uplifting effect, which facilitates deeper states in meditation. It is a beautiful stone which helps you to see the beauty in all things. If you are just starting out and are wanting to use crystals to enhance your connection to Angels, I would recommend starting with Angelite, Celestite and Seraphinite, then slowly progressing to the other stones mentioned.

However you choose to connect with your Angels, it is a sacred experience that can greatly enhance your life and well being. When we open our hearts and allow our Angels to guide us, we realise we are never alone and we have an unlimited amount of loving supporters that always have our best interests at heart. When you choose to let Angels guide you, your life changes for the better!

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