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You are the Butterfly

"This is a time of great momentum and forward movement. Much is shifting in profound ways. Let fall what needs to fall away. Allow, and make space for that which comes. You are the butterfly emerging from your cocoon, opening your eyes to greet the Light. There is nothing to fear, it is only gain from here.

You have changed, you have grown, you are not the same as you once were. You have outgrown the ways and comfort of the past. Today your arms stretch out into new and as yet uncharted territory. Do not fear what you do not understand. Do not worry about that which is yet to come. Allow the light of the Moon to dissolve your burdens and free you from struggle. As she rises, so too does your consciousness and understanding.

You may feel as though you are standing still, yet more is happening beneath the surface than you yet realize. Turn your face to the Light and move beyond the shadows. A new day is dawning, a new you, a new way, a new beginning."

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