A gorgeous stone for spiritual ascension.  It has a powerful yet subtle energy which supports the gathering of like-minded spiritual beings. If you are a healer or spiritual teacher that works with groups this will be a valuable stone for you.  Includes display bonus stand.

Weight: 150gms
Size: 175mm x 150mm

Trilithionite Slab

  • This rare crystal is a form of Lepidolite which is found in Australia. It’s a mixture of deep purple, indigo and white – the energies of the Third Eye & Crown chakras. This stone looks like the night sky and has a ‘galactic / stellar’ feel to it, bringing you closer to the astral realms. It also contains Petalite crystal (Angelic connection) & Cookeite crystal (psychic protection) in it which strengthens its ability to connect you to the realms of Spirit. 

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