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Your astrology chart is a symbolic blue-print of the Heaven's on the day you were born. The planets and their aspects (relationship) to each other offer accurate insight into your life path, purpose, potential and so much more.  During a consultation with Amanda she'll help make sense of your challenges, your talents and life direction so you can live the life you are truly meant to.

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A crystal healing session with Amanda is the perfect way to relax, balance and align your mind, body & soul so you can connect with your own spirituality. As a certified Reiki Master, Amanda infuses her healing sessions with Divine energy and loving intent. Intuitively guided by Spirit, she holds space for your own self-healing, awakening and re-alignment.

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A two-page printed reading that includes the image and explanation of the selected angel oracle cards plus intuitive guidance / channelled message for you. You are welcome to focus on a specific area of your choice or leave it in the loving hands of your Angels to decide. These readings are loving, supportive, gentle and heart-felt.  Your date of birth is required for this service.

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Crystal grids are more than just an arrangement of pretty crystals. When created with focused intent, programmed and activated, they become powerful vortexes of energy that enable you to focus, heal, release or manifest. Amanda creates unique crystal grids with channeled messages and blessings just for you. Perfect to use for self-healing and spiritual development.



Working in harmony with the phases of the Moon, especially the New & Full Moon can have a significant effect on your ability to manifest blessings and welcome positive change into your life, or more easily release and let go of that which no longer serves you.  In these circles Amanda lovingly holds sacred space, allowing you to become the conscious co-creator of your life.

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With a working knowledge of Astrology and a passion for connecting with the crystal kingdom, Amanda loves to teach, share and empower others about how to use these incredible tools.

Amanda offers a range of astrology and crystal workshops.



I love connecting people with the magic of the mineral kingdom!  Whether you're looking for a small piece to start your collection, a particular type of crystal, jewellery, healing tools, crystal grid sets or a unique collectors piece I can help you.  I pride myself on sourcing high-quality crystals that are hand-selected and are guaranteed to please.  

If you'd like me to source a piece for you or someone special, need advice on crystals to suit your needs or how to use them please contact me.  

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