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Creating crystal grids is my passion! 

Time literally stands still when I'm in the zone and creating these beautiful pieces. I work closely with Spirit during the creation of each grid and every one of them is completely different and unique.  In fact, every crystal grid tells a story and shares its own unique vibration and medicine.  I bring through guidance and channeled messages for each grid which is an extra bonus.  When I am working with a client I often see a vision of the grid they most need to work with or which will help them through a certain situation.  If you would like me to create a unique crystal grid I'd be honored to create one just for you.

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Perfectly Peaceful

Oh so calming and balancing to the Third Eye Chakra! This grid was created in the moment with an Amethyst generator at the centre, surrounded by hand-picked Jacaranda flowers, Amethyst points and Optical Calcite.  The perfect grid for those times we get in our own way, over-think or allow our emotions to sidetrack us.  This grid will bring you back to your centre and remind you that you are the peace you seek.

New Moon in Leo

This grid was created for the New Moon in Leo.  It contains a juicy Carnelian egg at the centre representing the birth of new ideas, projects and creative endeavors.  It's surrounded by Carnelian, Citrine and Clear Quartz which adds the energy of fire and action-taking.  There's an element of grounding in this grid as we consciously bring our dreams into reality.  Creativity and individuality at its finest!

NM Sag 2017.jpg

Full Moon in Taurus

This grid was created for the Full Moon in Taurus.  At its centre is a magical piece of Smoky Elestial Quartz, surrounded by Smoky Quartz and Bodhi Tree seeds. It reminds us that 'whatever we go through, we grow through".  Its further surrounded by Clear Quartz, Rose Quartz, Rhodochrosite and Pink Petrified Wood. May it awaken your energy and help you release old patterns 💗

New Moon in Aquarius

This grid was created for the New Moon in Aquarius.  It contains an Amethyst Lighbrary at the centre, surrounded by Clear Quartz, Citrine and Amethyst.  It has an 'expansive' quality about it, which will help align your energies with the new and true. Are you ready to manifest your dream life and bring it into reality?

New Moon Aqua 1.jpg
Angela Sinclair Grid.jpg

Custom Grid for A.S

Titled 'Re-Alignment' this was a custom-made grid for a client, to help shift the energy of self-doubt and fear so she could focus on manifesting positive experiences!  It's creation signifies a time of new growth, self-healing, self-acceptance and finding emotional balance.

Angelic Blessings

This grid is packed full of loving vibes. At the centre is a beautiful Rhodonite angel who reminds us to believe in ourselves, and encourages us to pursue our deepest held dreams. Allow this grid to support you with the pure loving energy of the Angels who are always with you.


Atlantean Dreams

This grid was birthed at a time when I was connecting with Atlantean / Lemurian energies.  There was a sense of 'remembering' during its creation. Allow it to help you remember the ancient wisdom you already carry within as it opens your energy field to new codes and healing frequencies.

Shiz to Sunshine

This grid was designed to help release negative thought patterns.  Created with a Clear Quartz skull at the centre representing the 'mind' and surrounded by Black Tourmaline, Hematite and Clear Quartz.  You'll notice the darker crystals near the centre (heavy thoughts) gradually becoming lighter and clearer, representing the clearing of mind thoughts and the regaining of clarity.

Nikki Borgelt Grid.jpg

Custom Grid for N.B

Titled 'A Fresh Start' this was a custom-made grid for a client.  Created with Green Obsidian, Peridot, Green Aventurine, Agate, Lapis Lazuli, Sodalite and Clear Quartz.  This grid symbolises the inner transformation this client is experiencing as she embrace a new way of being. This grid acts as a symbolic  'key' to help unlock new gateways for healing and new growth.

In the Flow

This grid was created to help us be in the flow and trust the great current of life. Created with Aquamarine, Clear Quartz, Herkimer Diamonds and Shiva shells, allow this grid to gently move through your energy body and consciousness. Swirling, spinning and shifting blocks and resistance in your energy field while opening you further to your truth and inner knowing.

PIS 2.jpg
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