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Children don't come with a manual.
Fortunately they do come with a code.

Using Nulistix, a powerful system of numerology designed for the 21st century, Max & Amanda uncover the hidden code embedded in your child's birthdate. You'll discover:

- The best bedtime routine for your child.
- Sports and school subjects they are likely to enjoy.
- How to get the best our of them at home and in life.
- Their greatest challenge in life and much more....

Whether you have one child or many, Kids Codes - For the Busy Parent is the ultimate guide to modern-day parenting, offering instant clarity into what makes your child tick and practical advice on how to understand them, guide them and encourage them toward their greatest potential.

Easy to read, quick to use and powerfully insightful, this book is the parenting manual the world has been waiting for.

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Get your copy

Kids Codes - For the Busy Parent now available in paperback or as an e-book on Amazon, Apple Books, Kobo, Barnes & Noble.

Paperback versions will be personally signed by Max & Amanda.  Get your signed copy today!


About Nulistix

Nulistix ('new-lis-tix') is a new way of looking at the meaning of numbers and how they affect us on all levels. A numerology for the modern age, modern times and modern ways of thinking.

Nulistix offers a ‘holistic’ approach to all people and all situations. Using your birthdate it is a powerful method of analysis, prediction and deep understanding. Some of its many benefits are personality profiling, family dynamics, analysis of business, finance & investments, love & relationships, work & career, travel, spirituality, health & wellness, predictions and much, much more.

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Meet the authors

Max Coppa is Australia's leading expert in palmistry, numerology and dream interpretation boasting nearly 40 years experience in the field.

Amanda Coppa is a proud mother of two boys and experienced astrologer, numerologist, Angel intuitive, Reiki Master and crystal healer.


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