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Balance tip #4 - Sacred Symbols

Visualisation is a truly powerful way to ground, balance and manifest, and there are literally hundreds of different techniques you can use. From visualising each chakra balancing in turn (from base to crown), grounding by seeing roots, light or colour from your feet into the earth, visualising yourself contained within a pyramid of light, seeing yourself as balanced etc. The choices are endless, and the beauty of it is you can be as creative as you want to.

One thing I personally like to use when balancing myself is to visualise sacred geometric symbols and patterns. When I’m on the go I find its sometimes easier to imagine a symbol and I hold my focus on it for as long as I can. It takes my mind off being busy and restores simplicity and balance quite quickly.

I often focus on the Infinity symbol because it is so simple and I find it helps me to breathe, relax and flow so much easier. Each loop round is a slow breath in or a slow breath out. When I'm out of balance its usually because my busy thoughts have got me there, so the simpler I make the image to focus on the better the results.

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