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End the cycle of suffering

"It's time to put an ending to your suffering and struggle. It only serves to hold you back, weakens your resolve and your Spirit. How do you do this you may ask?

The suffering is inbuilt, ingrained over the years, yet not permanent. You’ve grown comfortable with its familiarity. Yet that is all that it is…familiarity. Not truth, not who you really are.

Suffering can teach you, but you cannot progress while you befriend it and invite it into your life. Put your hand on your heart and make an oath, a soul promise to yourself now that you no longer choose to suffer or struggle. You no longer allow the energy, the memory, the familiarity of suffering to be your reality.

It is a choice you see. An empowered choice in the moment where you get to choose your reality, your vibration, your experiences. Choose better for yourself, choose better for your family, choose better for your future. It won’t always be moonlight and roses....that’s life! But your choice to suffer and struggle, or to thrive and blossom is at your fingertips.

There is a new path opening up for you. Yet you will not see it nor attract it if you choose to suffer. Only a vibration of peace, trust and faith will bring it forward. The decision is yours. Mindfulness, inner strength and calling out your own BS is the key to transforming your suffering into success. Stick with it and you’ll be so very glad you did."

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