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Your Soul knows

Updated: Sep 21, 2021

The Soul has more wisdom than you can possibly imagine. It is tapped into all space, time and consciousness. Fully aware and intuitively interwoven into the Cosmos. It is the Soul that speaks through you. Tune-in, tap into the infinite supply and source of unceasing inspiration, for it is your most faithful and trusted Guide.

You are in-tune, yet misalignment occurs when your Soul, heart and intuitive wisdom becomes clouded by material worries and earthly concerns. You are far more that your earthly experiences. You are Soul; you are God particle; you are starlight; you are moonbeams and rainbows and your beauty knows no bounds. Yet you will only perceive limitation when you compare and view yourself from the earthly plane only.

You are here to learn, experience and grow so that your Soul continues to develop in wisdom and of course love - the core essence and reason for your very existence. Dream child...dream, feel, visualize and envision a life far better than you could possibly imagine!

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