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Guided by the Light

What is it that your heart truly yearns for? Do you not realise that all that you desire is well with your reach and therefore your grasp? It is a time of human upliftment. Uncovering mistruths and opening the hearts and minds of all of Earths citizens. This is a time to be cherished. A time of conscious creation, decision-making and future-designing.

You think you are alone, yet every single breath you take and every moment is indeed guided and guarded by those on High. Beings of love and light surround you daily and want nothing more than to see you grow and thrive. Your blessings are many and your sorrows few. You have emerged from a slumber and it is now that the ways of the future and those you love are seeded.

Whilst we recommend you move your body, we also recommend you ease and calm your mind. Less thought and more awareness. Peace is only a mindset away. A decision in the moment to claim for yourself, and therefore by proxy for others. It is time to share your light, love and presence with others. Close your eyes, deepen your breath and simply allow it to flow. Choose peace and stillness in each moment and it will indeed be yours.

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